About teqcool

TEQCool AB is a medical technology company based in Lund, Sweden. TEQCool develops a unique, patented solution for selectively cooling the brain of patients with brain-injury suffering from neurogenic fever.


The intended therapy is based on many years of research and development at Lund University, pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as technical development by TEQCool’s engineers.


5-6 million people suffer from severe TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) per year with approximately 110 000 deaths in the US and Europe. Severely brain-injured patients with refractory fever, is a vulnerable patient group with poor prognosis. TEQCool’s main focus is severe TBI, where temperature control can both reduce fever and the intracranial pressure, to improve functional outcome, reduce mortality and length-of-hospital stay. This patient group is treated at Neuro-ICUs with cooling treatments poorly fitted to their needs.


Preserve patients’ brain function with targeted brain temperature control. This we aim to
reach in strategic phases:

• develop and launch brain normothermia therapy for traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• develop the therapy to fit patients that do not have an intracranial temperature
• establish brain normothermia as gold standard across indications where
temperature control is established

Unique market opportunity

The global market for therapeutic temperature management is estimated to exceed 10 billion SEK per year.


The primary objective of temperature control is to preserve the patient’s neurogenic function. Existing systems cool the body in various ways and only secondarily the brain. TEQCool’s unique solution directly cools the brain via the nasal cavities. This selective and rapid brain cooling has the potential to transforming the temperature control market and establish a new treatment standard.

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